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For Starters

Posted on: January 11, 2010 6:45 am
I sit here and think about what my first blog entry would be about.......should I call out all of you BB haters again.  How about all the media who thought the Bo and his crew would finish 7-8 in the Big Ten or those fans who fell for it.  

How about I put to rest all this 12th team talk.  Its down to two teams.  #1Rutgers  #2Missouri.  Thats it thats the list.  No one brings to the table what these two schools bring and it has noting to do with athlectics.  Just remember if you have a thought about a school that is not Rutgers or Missouri you are wrong. 

Trust me it will get better from here. It has to
Remember Badger fans it could be worse we could be East Dakota.
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